The U.K. Releases Its “Artificial Intelligence Superpower” 10-year Plan


“The devil is in the details,” they added. “Will the government make it easier to get top PhD students, postdocs, and junior faculty into our universities? Currently they aren’t. Will there be a greater push to competitively fund public universities to retain or acquire top-tier faculty at all levels of seniority? Will there be a more clement tax system for low earners, as people involved in spinouts and start-ups often are, for a few years? Currently it’s just got more expensive with the AI hike.”

Where the U.K.’s AI project is heading

The AI researcher said that in recent years it seems as though the government has done more to destroy what makes the U.K. an appealing seat for research and entrepreneurship than they have to incentivize it.

“I’m optimistic that the plan could activate the U.K.’s AI potential,” Nathan Benaich, a venture capitalist at Air Street Capital, said. “To truly excel, the country should focus on domains of applied scientific research such as life sciences, energy, and cyber security, where it already has world-leading capabilities.”