The U.K. Releases Its “Artificial Intelligence Superpower” 10-year Plan


Beth Singler, an anthropologist at the University of Cambridge who studies AI and robots, told CNBC that the U.K. is increasingly trying to find specialist areas where it can compete against much larger states in a post-Brexit world.

“With AI, some might see our experience with tech regulation and ethical debates as a strong USP for our AI agenda,” Singler said. “But is competition with the U.S. or China even the best framework or narrative for the overall progress of AI? I will watch the planned ethical structures that come out of this 10-year vision with interest, but we should also be careful not to buy into our own narratives of UK-exceptionalism because we have previously produced some of the key figures in the history of AI.”

Seb Krier, a senior policy researcher at the Stanford Cyber research center, said via Twitter that there are some “very promising” aspects to the National AI Strategy, while DeepMind COO Lila Ibrahim said it’s good to see a clear focus on effective governance of the technology, adding that it’s vital to earn public and business trust in AI.