The World’s 2,365 Billionaires have added $4 Trillion during Covid-19 Pandemic


According to several reports from well-established news websites; Amazon workers have been peeing in water bottles after the e-commerce giant started to robotically track and fire its laborers. The company denied that its workers are peeing in bottles although the issue is well-documented and several workers raged against what they described as “slavery”. 

Bezos whose net worth is enough to end poverty in several African countries doesn’t seem to care less about workers; and instead, he is piling up money to make his empire bigger. A worker told “Motherboard” that she couldn’t even take a bathroom break.

“You’re sitting there and you have to go take a piss, but you don’t want to rack up ‘time off task,’” she told Motherboard.

The company is facing several lawsuits over missed lunch breaks as well. However, Jeff Bezos and his Amazon isn’t the only billionaire’s business that is not helping amid the covid-19 pandemic. In fact, they are making it worse.