Opinion: Amazon innovation moves tech forward, but with a human cost


Make no mistake about it, Amazon has proven itself to be a true innovator within the e-commerce space. With founder and CEO Jeff Bezos at the helm, Amazon has achieved a $1 trillion net worth.

Indeed, Amazon has forever disrupted the e-commerce space with its Amazon Prime membership, offering free shipping and entertainment to members at an annual price of $119.

Walmart has sought to challenge Amazon Prime’s supremacy with its new Walmart+ membership program. The new program offers customers free shipping on grocery items, a mobile app available at checkout, and discounts at Walmart gas stations.

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Naturally, Walmart is betting their membership service will be a major competitor to Amazon Prime. Arguably, Walmart+ will not make as big of a dent as the company thinks, because one key ingredient is missing — free shipping.

Amazon has done what no other major competitor has dared to do, offer free shipping at all times through Amazon Prime. Free shipping has proved to be an effective draw at attracting new customers looking to save money.