There’s a chance Trump could win the presidency as he is leading in FL, PA, MI, WI


Americans are closely watching the state by state results of the presidential election.  To win the presidency, Democratic candidate Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump each need to win 270 electoral votes.

So far, Biden and Trump are locked in a very tight fight for the White House as votes are being counted in every district across the country.

Everyone country is focusing their attention on key battleground states including Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

At the time of this writing, Biden is leading the Electoral College count, 192-114.

However, it is important to note that Trump is leading in Florida where there are 29 electoral votes at stake.

With 93 percent of votes have been counted, the President is leading with 51.2% of the votes (5,604,720) while Biden with 47.7% or 5,222,401 votes. Trump is ahead by 382,319. There is a strong chance he’ll win the state. In 2016, Trump won Florida with 49% of the vote compared with Hillary Clinton’s 47.8%.

In Pennsylvania where 20 electoral votes are at stake, Trump is also leading with 56.5% or 2,126, 211 votes while Biden with 42.1% or 1,630,541 based on the latest count (54% or 3,871,230 of the estimated vote total has been reported).