Third unidentified object shot down in Canada: Another alien UFO?


On Saturday, another high-flying unidentified object was shot down over Canadian airspace. This was the third high-altitude unknown object, shot down in North America in the last two weeks. And it may be an alien UFO.

It was described as “cylindrical,” similar to the object shot down by the US over the Yukon on Friday. But very little detail was given.

The latest unidentified object or UFO was shot down over Canada today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote in a Saturday tweet.

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During the event, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued an alert closing airspace over Havre, Montana. And according to Montana congressman, Matt Rosendale reopened it a short time later.



Was the Yukon object an alien UFO?  

On Friday, the US takedown of a high-altitude flying object over the US caused similar controversy.