Thousands of Amazon Workers Will Likely Face Layoffs Soon


This upcoming round of layoffs arrives despite Amazon already cutting past workers loose within recent months. It would appear the company is cleaning house and working hard to protect its bottom line from falling by the wayside.

In spite of this, Amazon’s CEO remains confident that the company’s web services and retail divisions will continue doing well.

Other employment alternatives

Given the volatile and unpredictable economy, now is an excellent time for Americans to begin diversifying their income streams. Thankfully, the rise of the gig economy makes this very much possible.

Americans can consider rideshare work, such as driving for Lyft and Uber. This can be profitable, especially on the weekends, when the demand for transportation is higher.

Likewise, they can consider delivering food and/or groceries for apps like UberEats, Instacart, Grubhub, DoorDash, etc. With the rise of remote work also comes a rise in people (or companies) wanting to order in food.

As the economy changes, everyone is going to have to get more flexible and be willing to adapt as needed.