Tik Tok hand signal leads police to missing teen


Authorities responded and arrested the driver. 

The Signal for Help, a tool that may help some people who do not have the ability to make video calls.

The signals are meant to convey “violence at home,” “I need help,” and “domestic violence.”  They have been widely shown on TikTok in an attempt to help victims of abuse.

One demonstration video has more than 3.5 million views and 130,000 shares. The Tik Tok hand signals can be subtly used so the abuser doesn’t spot the silent calls for help.

Posts have been circulating since June 2020, along with reports that domestic violence has increased worldwide due to coronavirus lockdowns.

 According to the United Nations, cases of domestic abuse are  20% higher since the lockdowns. This disturbing trend is being called a “shadow pandemic.” And the pandemic left many victims trapped inside with their abusers.

On TikTok, users continue to share videos on how to use the hand signals as public service posts. It is proving vital to helping victims like the missing teenager from North Carolina.