Tik Tok hand signal leads police to missing teen


The three-step hand gesture led to the rescue of a North Carolina missing teenager. A 911 caller reported the teen used a Tik Tok hand signal inspired by a viral social media campaign.

The hand symbols became popular on the social media platform with reports of increasing domestic abuse during the techno-pandemic.

Tuesday the 16-year-old’s parents reported her missing in Asheville, North Carolina.

On Thursday, 61-year-old Herbert Brick was found with the teenager in Kentucky. The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office charged him with unlawful imprisonment and possession of child pornography. Brick had a photograph of the girl engaged in sexual acts.

Investigators allege that Brick initially took the girl to Ohio to visit his relatives. When the relatives expressed concern about her age. And they found out she had been reported missing.  Brick took the girl and left.

Tik Tok hand signal alerts police

The missing teen used the Tik Tok hand signal to indicate she was in danger and needed help from a car window. The 911 caller alerted police that a girl riding in the car ahead of them was signaling for help.