Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad Facing Second Sexual Abuse Lawsuit


Earlier this week, Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), the nonprofit he founded, were hit with a lawsuit by five women. The lawsuit (in addition to naming Ballard, OUR, and various entities connected to the pair) cited fraud, battery, and sexual abuse.

Ballard allegedly employed a “couples ruse” to sexually abuse women.

According to the lawsuit’s plaintiffs, the OUR founder said he and the women in question needed to practice tantric massages and other sex acts to create “chemistry” that would help them during undercover ops to rescue kids from traffickers.

One woman in the initial lawsuit even alleges that Ballard ignored a safe word from her when she was being groped by a female trafficker while undercover. All women in the first case also claim when they reported Ballard’s conduct to OUR staff, the company did nothing to protect them.

Now, Ballard, OUR, and other groups face a second lawsuit. This time, the lawsuit in question comes from a couple alleging that sexual misconduct and other abuses from Ballard damaged their marriage.

What to know about the second lawsuit against Ballard, OUR

Driving the second lawsuit is a couple known by the initials AA and FT. Listed as defendants in the suit are the following:

  • Tim Ballard
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • The Spear Fund
  • Rockwell Group Inc.
  • Liberty and Light
  • Slave Stealers LLC
  • Children Need Families Foundation
  • Deacon Inc.
  • Janet Russon
  • Craig Anderson
  • Julian Ann Blake
  • Wes Mortenson
  • Ben Pack
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Stephan Fairbanks

The filing also states that Ballard used the “couples ruse” as an excuse to fly women across the nation for lap dances, massages from escorts, and tantric yoga.