Tim Ballard Sued by Five Women for Sexual Assault, Battery, and Fraud


Most Americans are familiar with Tim Ballard as the former DHS agent who went on to found the anti-human trafficking non-profit known as Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

Ballard was also the subject of this year’s hit film, Sound of Freedom. Though in recent months, more information about him has begun to raise eyebrows and engender questions.

Around the time Sound of Freedom hit theaters, Ballard abruptly left OUR. Then, last month, multiple women came forward, alleging the OUR founder sexually harassed them during overseas sting ops.

Earlier this week, these women also filed a lawsuit against Ballard and others, alleging sexual assault, battery, and additional forms of abuse.

What to know about the lawsuit against Tim Ballard

Five women who say they worked with Ballard on sting ops to rescue trafficked children bring forward serious claims.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are Ballard, OUR, and other organizations linked to both entities:

  • The Spear Fund
  • Rockwell Group Inc.
  • Liberty and Light
  • Slave Stealers LLC
  • Children Need Families Foundation
  • Deacon Inc.

The remaining defendants include individuals reportedly on the OUR board or otherwise associated with the non-profit:

  • Janet Russon
  • Craig Anderson
  • Julian Ann Blake
  • Wes Mortenson
  • Ben Pack
  • Mark Reynolds
  • Stephan Fairbanks
  • DOES 1 through 100

The plaintiffs are five women who’ve so far only identified themselves with the following initials: WW, DS, HDT, MK, and DM.