Operation Underground Railroad’s Documentary on Human Trafficking Now Available to Rent or Buy


The need for brave people on the frontlines to fight human trafficking is perhaps more imperative than it’s ever been. Right now, despite an uptick in awareness about human trafficking, reports indicate that this crime is growing in magnitude.

Law enforcement and statistical data each continue to confirm this.

Many human traffickers rely on various social media sites and other online platforms to target individuals for human trafficking. This is especially being directed toward children.

Since the COVID pandemic, there’s been an uptick in young people using technology, thereby giving predators an open window if the necessary protections from parents aren’t put in place.

However, a riveting documentary from anti-human trafficking non-profit Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) aims to raise awareness. This documentary is now available to rent or purchase across multiple platforms.

It’s Happening Right Here

OUR’s It’s Happening Right Here initially streamed in select US theaters in November 2022. However, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Vudu users can now either rent or purchase this documentary.