Anti-Human Trafficking Activist Tim Ballard Denies Allegations of Sexual Misconduct


This year, the anti-human trafficking film Sound of Freedom brought much-needed attention to the buying and selling of human beings. The film has not only done well in the United States, but also in its release across other countries.

The film’s inspiration is Tim Ballard, the founder and former CEO of anti-human trafficking organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

Earlier this year, however, Ballard stepped down as OUR’s CEO. At the same time, the anti-human trafficking organization also cancelled its annual, Utah-based Rise Up Get Loud event.

Despite the success of Sound of Freedom, Ballard is in the news for another reason. This time, it pertains to allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

What to know about the claims against Ballard

The former CEO of OUR stands accused of sexually harassing seven women during international sting operations.

During this time, Ballard is accused of sending women lewd images of himself undercover, pressuring them to shower and/or share beds with him, and using the goal of “saving children” to receive apparent sexual favors.