Time will tell what happens when a punk, partisan upstart attacks an elder statesman


Leave it to Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum to personify all that is wrong with today’s government. In addition to getting caught using his public office for campaign purposes and being embroiled as the centerpiece in a yearlong FBI investigation of corruption and various other issues in Tallahassee, Gillum’s desperate quest to stay relevant now has him attacking his own party’s elder statesmen.

Gillum is the poster child for the difference between a politician and an elected official, showing how to politic, but lacking the ability and understanding of how to lead and govern. Gillum has yet to hold a job that doesn’t involve politics or the power he derives from it, so we understand his desire to stay relevant as well as his inabilities to lead.

To be fair, Gillum is not alone in having zero qualifications for elected office. President Barak Obama proved what a dynamic, handsome, articulate speaker can achieve when packaged right and matched with fundraising prowess. The Florida House and Senate are filled with young upstarts who have done nothing in their lives to merit the once august status of being called “The Honorable,” other than of course being elected to office.

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