Tom Holland Announces ‘Year Off’ Following Emotional Rigor of The Crowded Room

Tom Holland

Tom Holland, the versatile British actor, is famously known for overcoming gargantuan challenges both on and off the screen, having grappled with the universe’s deadliest villain Thanos and traversed perilous treasure hunts as Nathan Drake. However, after experiencing a unique blend of emotional turmoil and mental exhaustion while working on the Apple TV+ series “The Crowded Room,” Holland has confirmed that he is “taking a year off.”

Tom Holland: Unprecedented Emotional Journey

The 27-year-old, renowned for juggling various roles in Hollywood, from being a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to becoming a producer for this thriller series, said he has “loved the learning curve of becoming a producer.”

Yet, the intense responsibility and emotional depth required for playing a character based on Billy Milligan — the first individual acquitted by reason of insanity due to dissociative identity disorder — pushed Holland into unfamiliar territories.

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Working on “The Crowded Room,” Holland found himself exploring emotions and mental challenges that were entirely novel, pushing him to consider drastic measures, such as shaving his head to exorcise the character from his being. Despite the strain, Holland remained determined and excited for the outcome, firmly believing that the team’s hard work was not in vain.

The Price of Pushing Boundaries

There was a point where the all-consuming role in the series and the additional burden of being a producer led him to what he terms as a “bit of a meltdown.”