Totality Tourists are Planning to View the Dragon Solar Eclipse with clear skies


Millions of people in the United States will be looking up on April 8th to view the solar eclipse. And thousands of totality tourists will be flying or road tripping to locations they believe will provide them with clear and cloudless skies.

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The Dragon Eclipse is just a few days away!

2024 Dragon Eclipse

Approximately 500 cities across 13 states are on the eclipse’s path of totality, which travels Northeasterly across the US.

The path of totality is that narrow band of the country that will be directly in the moon’s shadow as it crosses the sun. It is estimated to be 115 miles wide.

Some of those major cities include:

  •  Dallas and San Antonio, Texas
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio
  • Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, New York
  • Erie, Pennsylvania

According to NASA the edges of Tennessee and Michigan are also expected to experience the eclipse. And the eclipse’s path will end before it gets to the maritime provinces of Canada.

Many areas not directly in the 115-mile-wide path of totality may still get an eclipse experience.