Tragedy Strikes as Husband and Wife Perish in Fiery Rainbow Bridge Explosion


A tragic car crash on the bridge connecting the U.S. to Canada at Niagara Falls is still under investigation. A couple were killed in the resulting Rainbow Bridge explosion. 

Kurt P. Villani and his wife, Monica Villani, both 53, from Grand Island, New York lost their lives in the incident. On Wednesday their vehicle slammed into the U.S.-Canada border crossing, exploding into a fiery inferno.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed the couple were on their way to see a KISS concert.

The Niagara Falls Police Department spearheads the investigation through their Crash Management Unit. Although they, released the identities of the victims on Friday, other details are not being released until the investigations are complete.

 The FBI, swift to respond, ruled out terrorism, stating there was no evidence of explosive materials at the scene.

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Investigations into the Rainbow Bridge Explosion

The Department of Homeland Security, after conducting exhaustive database queries, confirmed that neither Kurt nor Monica Villani had a criminal history.