Travel Nannies: How It Works and What You Can Expect to Pay


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Family vacations may feel more like work than fun, especially if you have children of different ages. Many parents come back from a vacation more exhausted than they were before they left. Hiring a travel nanny can alleviate some of the stress and also allow parents to have some time alone together.

Why hire a travel nanny?

A travel nanny goes with you on vacation to provide care for your children. A vacation may be as short as a week or two but it may last much longer. If your children are of different ages with varying interests, hiring a nanny will allow you to have valuable one-on-one time with each one separately. It’s inevitable when traveling that certain activities, you enjoy are not suitable for children and having a nanny means you and your spouse can enjoy time together without having to worry.

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The right nanny

A nanny will be spending time at close quarters with your family so it’s very important to have the right person who will fit in well with your family.