Travel Woes, Power Outages Leave Stain on Christmas


It is the time of the year when Christmas Day has finally come around.

This is a holiday when many people look forward to spending time with loved ones, opening presents under the Christmas tree, and otherwise partaking in holiday traditions.

However, this year has led to certain complications, namely when it comes to weather and travel. In the days leading up to Christmas, many travelers faced flight delays, flight cancellations, and even the suspension of train services in certain parts of the country.

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This happened as a result of winter storms and nasty cold weather that made air travel and being on the roads unsafe. Now, another casualty of storms during the Christmas season has turned out to be power outages.

Trouble ahead this Christmas?

On the East Coast, Southeast, and Midwest, this Christmas has brought about the likes of cold weather not seen in years. On top of that, many communities across the United States had their power lines knocked out by floods and blizzards.

As of this morning, over 55 million Americans have active wind chill alerts in their communities. In the North of the country, many homes and businesses are without electricity today, due to the severity of winter storms seen.