President Trump Cancels Argentina Summit with Putin


On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced the cancellation of his previously upcoming summit in Argentina with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

A Look at President Trump’s Announcement

The commander-in-chief posted the following series of tweets earlier today:

The tweets come after the president’s earlier statements to the press; Trump previously declared that he and the Russian President were likely to convene with one another. Now, this is apparently not the case.

Additional Information Regarding the Cancelled Summit

Had Trump and Putin met in Argentina, they would have discussed multiple subject matters. Earlier this week, National Security Adviser John Bolton stated that the two presidents planned to talk about arms control, the Middle East, security matters, and subjects touched upon during their summit in Helsinki.

President Trump’s last meeting with his Russian counterpart served as a target of criticism for the former’s detractors. Critics opined that Trump should have condemned the Russian government for allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election. However, during remarks to the press, President Trump stated, in essence, that he believed Putin’s professions of innocence regarding accusations of interference.