Trump Organization under investigation in New York


As of today, no charges have been filed against President Trump himself or his son Eric Trump. Nor have charges been filed against the Trump Organization for any wrongdoing.

In a prepared statement, James claims:

“For months, the Trump Organization has made baseless claims in an effort to shield evidence from a lawful investigation into its financial dealings,” further adding “They have stalled, withheld documents, and instructed witnesses, including Eric Trump, to refuse to answer questions under oath.”

James is a member of the Democratic Party and began her tenure as attorney general in 2018. Her platform consisted of a handful of key issues common amongst Democrats, including immigration reform, addressing gun violence, police accountability, gender equity within the workplace, and environmental protection.

For President Trump, this surely is not new. Since 2016, the President has been implicated in multiple investigations, including claims of Russian collusion which the Mueller investigation failed to substantiate.