Trump Organization Indicted on Tax Crimes


As of this morning, the specific nature of the indictment remains sealed; however, both Weisselberg and his attorneys are expected to arrive in court later on today. During this point, the indictment will become officially unsealed.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, and Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., the district attorney of Manhattan, have each played pivotal roles in investigating the Trump Organization. Their investigations have centered around matters regarding tax fraud, insurance fraud, and falsification of business records.

At this time, with the indictment still sealed, there are many speculations. However, reports indicate that Weisselberg is facing pressure to assist with the investigations into the Trump Organization.

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Furthermore, investigations into Weisselberg notably center around discovering whether the Trump Organization CFO took benefits without paying taxes on them.

Former President Trump himself has not faced any criminal charges, as of right now.

What happens next?

The public will have more information following the unsealing of the grand jury’s indictment against the Trump Organization. However, social media is already buzzing. Amid news of the indictment last night, Americans took to Twitter and other social networking platforms to weigh in.