Avengers Campus at Disneyland features Amazing Spider-Man Stuntronic 


Avengers Campus at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park is now open for business. And Spider-Man can be seen flying 65 feet in the air across the park. Disney’s Imagineering team has been working on Stuntronic for 3 years. And thanks to their breakthrough innovations in robotics a 90 lb stunt-double is performing an aerial show.

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The life-size  “animatronic” robot will be tumbling through the air in all sorts of poses. This superhero features onboard sensors that allow the robot to make real-time decisions. When it needs to outstretch its arms or to tuck in its knees for a somersault it can.  The robot is able to self-correct its center of balance on the fly.

On opening day at the Avengers Campus, Marvel-character-themed attractions were everywhere. And the fans were looking up to watch Stuntronics in action.

The high-flying robotic superhero is one of many attractions to debut earlier this month.

Imagineers at Disney develop Stuntronic

“That was the first time I really felt like, ‘Oh my God. I guess we did it,’”  Tony Dohi, principal research, and development Imagineer at Walt Disney explains.