Trump Organization Responds to Charges of Tax Crimes


Roughly 36 hours ago, Americans learned about a New York grand jury opting to bring indictments against both the Trump Organization and the firm’s CFO Allen Weisselberg.

On Wednesday evening, the specific charges in nature were sealed; this came as a result of Weisselberg not having yet appeared before court. However, on Thursday, the Trump Organization CFO did, in fact, turn himself over to law enforcement in New York for arraignment purposes.

Weisselberg’s appearance in court yesterday subsequent led to the unsealing of the indictment against him. As the story continues to unravel and develop, new updates have come to light.

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Charges facing the Trump Organization, Weisselberg, and more

The charges within the indictment are quite serious. For starters, the Trump Organization faces accusations of carrying out a tax evasion scheme spanning over 15 years. New York officials believe that the Trump Organization aided its workers in not paying taxes via concealing specific fringe benefits.

Charges against Weisselberg are also now public. These charges include, but are not within the limits of, the following: tax fraud, grand larceny, etc.

The investigation is far from over, though. In light of how developments are currently shaking out, the ongoing probe from New York authorities is gradually directing its focus to Donald Trump himself. This is one reason why officials in the Empire State are eager to get Weisselberg’s cooperation with their investigation.

The idea here is that if the Trump Organization CFO flips on Trump, bringing charges against the former president will be easier.

The statement from the Trump Organization

On Thursday, the Trump Organization put out a statement regarding the indictment and charges against Weisselberg.

The statement accused the Manhattan District Attorney of using the Trump Organization CFO as a pawn to attack Trump himself. Later, the Trump Organization made clear that what is happening now ultimately boils down to politics, rather than real justice.

At this time, Weisselberg has official release with the absence of bail; furthermore, the Trump Organization CFO remains under orders to hand over his passport.

This report is a follow-up to USA Herald’s previous coverage of the indictment against the Trump Organization.