Trump: Pray for “Sad” Nancy Pelosi!


The impeachment inquiry has set off an interesting chain of reactions in the political world. One of those reactions just so happens to be escalated tension between President Trump and Democrat leaders. The president and Congressional Democrats have previously differed, due to disagreements on policy; however, the unmerited impeachment inquiry into Trump has only created new levels of hostility between himself and Democrats.

On Wednesday, the president and other Republicans convened with Democrat leaders in order to discuss events in Syria. Although, the meeting didn’t last too long or go very well; Trump stated that Pelosi and other Democrats stormed out.

He furthermore took to Twitter after the meeting, asking Americans to “pray” for the House Speaker.

An Overview of the Meeting Between Trump and Democrat Leaders

The president and Democrat leaders both entered yesterday’s meeting with differing views on Syria. When speaking with reporters, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer referred to Trump as “nasty” and stated that he insulted Pelosi. Moreover, Schumer alleged that the president lacked a concrete plan for fighting ISIS.