Trump pushes back against media, argues he downplayed COVID-19 to prevent panic


China began seeing cases of COVID-19 as early as November 17, 2019, according to Chinese government data seen by the South China Post.

Whether China had advance knowledge of the virus being airborne is unknown, since the Chinese Communist Party keeps a tight leash on its data and the press.

As late as May 4, the World Health Organization (WHO) was still undecided as to whether COVID-19 posed an airborne risk. Woodward’s new book is another Trump expose, which once again aims to put Trump in an unflattering light.

As we reach the final countdown to election day, Woodward’s bombshell book could cleave away voters on the fence about Trump.

While Trump has hammered Joe Biden on his response to the riots in Portland, Seattle, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Democratic detractors have continued to point to Trump’s coronavirus response and its high casualty count.

It remains to be seen if Woodward’s revelations or Trump’s response will sway voters.  It is likely that this recent spat will be buried by tomorrow’s ‘breaking story’ or ‘set of revelations.’