Trump Reportedly Wants To Go After Amazon Tax Treatment; AMZN Stock Falls


Amazon lost over $30 billion in stock value

On Wednesday, Amazon’s stock price declined 4.6% due to the report that the President wants to change the company’s tax treatment. The e-commerce giant lost more than $30 billion in stock value.

Amazon Market Summary
Credits: Google 

At the time of this writing around 2:48 in the afternoon Eastern Time, AMZN stock managed to regain some of its losses earlier. The stock is trading at $1,434 per share.

Currently, Amazon is looking for a home for its second headquarters. The e-commerce giant is reviewing proposals from different cities the United States. It is also exploring Toronto. The company will invest more than $5 billion for the construction and growth of its HQ2. It is expecting that its second headquarters will create 50,000 high-paying jobs.

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