Trump Rips into the Press: “Truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”


The president’s contentious relationship with the media remains ongoing. As a matter of fact, it subsequently birthed the term “fake news.” This is a term which many of Trump’s supporters use in reference to press outlets which they view as biased against the president. Some of the news sites which are frequently branded as “fake news” are CNN, The New York Times, and others.

Coverage of the Robert Mueller Investigation

The manner in which the press covered the longlasting Mueller investigation largely fueled right-wing concerns about fake news. Many conservatives believe that the media intentionally branded the president as guilty of colluding with the Russian government. This coverage persisted, despite Trump’s assertions of innocence. Likewise, Russia also denied claims of colluding to help Trump beat Clinton in 2016.

Backlash Against Trump

The president has faced a considerable amount of backlash for his statements about the media. Various leftists and other critics believe that Trump’s comments are dangerous. Anti-Trump individuals furthermore insist that the president’s words are waging war against the press and could potentially encourage violence against reporters.