Trump Rips into the Press: “Truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”


Earlier today, President Trump ripped into the mainstream media via Twitter.

This is one of many times which the president has elected to censure the press for their manner of reporting to the American people.

Reviewing the President’s Statements

Trump’s latest tweet about the press reads as follows:

The above tweet comes after the president blasted The New York Times as a “fake news paper” with “no legitimate sources.” However, Trump’s latest criticism of The New York Times occurred yesterday and largely regarded their coverage of the controversial Russia investigation.

See for yourself:

Issues with the Mainstream Media

Since the inception of Trump’s entry into the 2016 presidential election, he has had issues with the press. On multiple occasions, the president maintained that the media harbored a vested interest in helping Hillary Clinton win the election. Therefore, Trump stated that the press intentionally misreported news pertaining to him.