Trump Slams Media for Incitement Following Mueller Probe Release


Earlier today, President Trump criticized the media for their manner of coverage following the release of the controversial Mueller probe.

Reviewing the President’s Concerns

Via Twitter, Trump articulated his concerns about the mainstream media’s coverage of the probe.

The tweet in question reads as follows:

A Backstory on the Mueller Investigation Release

The release of the Russia investigation has dominated headlines. Despite the results, different Americans have various outlooks and perspectives. Many conservatives and other members of the right-wing maintain that Trump was right all along; no obstruction, no collusion with Russia, etc.

However, not all Americans share this perspective. Many progressives and liberals have opined that the Mueller probe does not actually clear the president. Democrats have also raised questions about whether or not Trump obstructed justice while the investigation remained underway. This is something which Mueller’s probe has not managed to confirm or deny.