Trump Spars with Schumer and Pelosi about Border Security


Earlier today, President Donald Trump engaged in a back-and-forth with Democratic leaders over appropriate measures for border security in the United States.

The Showdown in the Oval Office

In front of the press, the president debated with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over border security. The back-and-forth comes as Congress faces the task of keeping the government open. Throughout the debate, President Trump expressed the importance of border security. However, while Pelosi and Schumer agreed upon the need for border security, their preferred methods of enforcement are vastly different from the president’s.

Pelosi and Schumer furthermore pushed the president to get on board with legislation that does not include his border wall.

“There are no votes in the House, no majority votes, for a wall, no matter where you stand,” Pelosi stated.

However, President Trump pushed back against this claim; Trump stated that while he could garner the needed House votes “in ten seconds,” the success of the wall requires votes from Senate Democrats.

Talks Regarding the Shutdown of the Government

Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer continued in their conversation about appropriate measures for border security. Later in the debate, Schumer admonished Trump, claiming that “experts” determined that a wall along the Southern border is not effective. Towards the end, the trio’s conversation diverged into talks about shutting down the government.