Trump Wants Death Penalty for the New York Terrorist


Saipov chose Halloween for his attack because he believed that more civilians would be out for the holiday. He wanted to kill as many people as he could. Saipov yelled “Allahu Akbar” and carried a paintball gun and pellet gun when he exited the truck. He had a bag of knives but wasn’t able to reach it.

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Additionally, Tyree said the New York terrorist had two cellphones. Law enforcement found around 90 videos about ISIS-related propaganda on the first cellphone. It also contains approximately 3,800 that appear to be ISIS propaganda. They found internet searches for Halloween in NYC and truck rentals in the second phone.

Furthermore, Tyree stated in the complaint that Saipov told law enforcement that he felt good about what he did. He even requested to display an ISIS flag in his room. A handwritten note with Arabic and English text was found near the scene of the crime. It included a message that the Islamic State would endure.

Saipov should be held as enemy combatant

Earlier on Wednesday, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham said the New York terrorist should be held as enemy combatant.