Trumpeting the 2nd Amendment


Perhaps that’s why he decided to speak at this year’s convention. His administration has made it clear that they support the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment and the American public’s right to bear arms.

How to Enforce Stricter Gun Control?

The quest to find a way to allow Americans to keep their guns and yet ensure that tragedies like the Parkland shooting do not keep occurring is an ongoing, seemingly deadlocked conversation.

How can any legislator deny a person’s right to defend themselves when the need arises? How can any politician propose a background check that is sure to keep guns out of the wrong hands?

The truth is that we can’t predict when someone will become chemically imbalanced, desperate, or ideologically violent. There’s no way to absolutely prevent someone from stealing a firearm from someone who was vetted to buy and carry. You also can’t stop someone who buys a gun legally from selling it to someone who shouldn’t have it. And with so many firearms already in circulation among the public, there’s no way to track all of them.