Trump’s First Congressional Address – Our Synopsis


We know the speech took place last week, but rather than putting out a quick reaction, we wanted to take our time, rewatch the speech, and give you our thoughts.

President Trump addressed a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening, February 28. In stark contrast with the melancholy tone of his inaugural speech and its call to arms, this address was much lighter and hopeful. He dwelled less on the depiction of a nation in crisis and, instead, pointed to his executive actions as indicators of progress.

The media has recently criticized Trump relentlessly as being anti-Semitic and racist towards Blacks. A BuzzFeed report, accessible to many via Facebook, popularized Trump’s alleged statements to state attorneys general about the vandalism of Jewish cemeteries and threats against Jewish community centers: “Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people—or to make others—look bad.” This was taken as an implication that Trump considered some of the threats and acts of vandalism to have been carried out by Jews themselves to exacerbate the perceived persecution of Jews since Trump’s election.