Trump’s First Congressional Address – Our Synopsis


President Trump also addressed illegal immigrants whom law enforcement agencies have been rapidly deporting since his inauguration. They are pursuing, in particular, the criminal element among these illegal immigrants, as well as their families, friends, and acquaintances. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, appointed by the Trump Administration, has even announced a task force purposed with reducing crime and ensuring public safety. Significant progress has been made with regard to removing Hispanics from the U.S., and more progress is promised.

Trump also touted his aggressive stance against radical Islamic terrorism, as evidenced by his controversial Muslim travel ban. The ban, of course, targets seven Muslim-majority nations with its travel restrictions, and it is also temporary while the Trump Administration devises more permanent solutions. Liberals still vehemently oppose the ban, arguing that none of the five foreign terrorists that have struck U.S. soil since September 11 were from those specific countries. Seven other terrorists have also attacked in this span as well, though they were American citizens. Between these twelve, however, nearly a hundred American citizens have been killed by their attacks in the past decade and a half.