Trump’s ‘Radio Silence’ is Raising the ‘Alarm’ for Some


Bill Maher, “Real Time” host, expressed concerns over former President Donald J. Trump’s silence on President Joe Biden’s first week in office.

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During Friday night’s show, Maher repeatedly expressed his concerns about the ‘radio silence’ from the former president since arriving at Mar-a-Lago on Jan. 20.

“Does that not alarm you a little?” Maher asked his audience. “It’s like in ‘Jaws’ when the shark went out to sea for a little while. I think it will be back.”

“Where is Trump?” Maher wondered. “It’s like he’s in the ‘Where Are They Now?’ bit. I am so shocked that this guy has been so quiet! Are you not?”

“I just don’t trust that, you know? It’s just so not like him! ‘Radio silence’ is just never a term I associated with Donald Trump,” Maher continued. “He isn’t exactly … ‘fading away gracefully.'”

Guest and CNN commentator, Van Jones, critiqued House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s recent visit to Trump as a “kiss the ring,” moment.