Trump’s Stagecraft Statecraft


Trump’s upcoming meeting with Kim Jon Un, the leader of North Korea, is another example of the President’s strategy. Trump is pursuing a high-risk, high-reward approach, from international trade to foreign policy to tax reform. Advisers say that this approach might result in long-term problems though. And critics are warning that this is a possible trigger to a trade war or even a global conflict.

High Expectations, but What’s the Reality?

As Trump continues to make big headlines, he views the North Korea meeting as a legacy-maker for himself. He believes that the explosive combination of his charm and bombast will lead to better relations between North Korea and the US and between North Korea and South Korea. Trump welcomed three detainees released from in custody in North Korea early Thursday morning. He had held a ceremony in the middle of the night to play up both his stagecraft and statecraft.

Trump also disrupted the status quo in the Middle East as he withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear accord. He also announced that the United States embassy in Israel is moving to Jerusalem, which is claimed by both Palestinians and Israelis.

Historic Victory?

Donald Trump has taunted North Korea since his campaign, and his approach in calling the North Korean leader a “little rocket man” gave worries to the Washington security establishment. The ominous taunts only increased worries about nuclear war.

Trump, however, thinks that they served to bring Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table. Now, a meeting is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore.

Trump told one of his associates that a deal with North Korea could be a historic victory. Officials from the White House also believe that if Trump succeeds in his mission, he will improve his approval ratings.

Questions from the American People:

Why did Kim Jong Un agree to meet the President? Why does he seem open to better relations with South Korea? Has the North Korean leader met his match in Trump’s bullying and belittling attitude?

Does a victory in relations with North Korea excuse the possible scandals involving Russian collusion in Trump’s campaign? Does it possible campaign money being paid to Stormy Daniels? What about Trump’s possible erroneous tax document stating that he didn’t owe Michael Cohen funds?