Twitter hack: Biden, Bill Gates, and others tweet out cryptoscam


They also urged users to refrain from clicking on posts from CryptoForHealth and other suspicious tweets or posts that solicit donations to a crypto/bitcoin address.

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Who hacked Twitter?

The identity of the hacker(s) remains unknown. No arrests have been made.

There have been reports by the New York Times, last Friday, and by Tech Crunch that a hacker named “Kirk” got access to Twitter’s internal tools and gave a live demonstration of his ability to gain access to accounts on a Twitter slack channel.

Cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs reported that a 21-year-old man from Liverpool, England may have been involved.

Krebs believes that the attack has all the earmarks of coming from the SIM swapping community. “SIM swapping” is a form of crime that involves bribing, hacking, or coercing employees at telecom and social media companies to providing access to a target’s account.

People within the SIM swapping community are obsessed with hijacking so-called “OG” or “original gangster” social media accounts.