Twitter Speaks Out about Not Banning Alex Jones


Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, spoke out Tuesday regarding the platform’s decision to not ban controversial conservative commentator and Infowars owner Alex Jones, according to The Hill. Dorsey’s statements come after Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Google and Apple all removed Jones’ and Infowars’ content from their platforms.

An Overview of Twitter’s Decision

Twitter’s decision not to ban Jones is rooted in the fact that he “hasn’t violated [its] rules.” Dorsey moreover explained that Twitter will “enforce” its rules if the Infowars host does, in fact, breach the platform’s guidelines.

Throughout Dorsey’s public statements, he touched upon not “artificially amplifying” tweets and resisting “outside pressure.” This comes after various Twitter users have called for Jones to be banned from Twitter.

Finally, the Twitter CEO concluded his remarks by urging journalists to push back against accounts which “sensationalize issues” and “spread unsubstantiated rumors.”