Uber Discontinues a Program That Surcharged Customers For Fuel

Uber - Viktor Adveev Unsplash
Uber - Viktor Adveev Unsplash

Uber is putting an end to a program that surcharged customers for fuel to help delivery drivers offset the rising cost of gas.

The company plans to ditch its $0.45 surcharge on June 15, according to a note sent to Uber Eats drivers. It plans to continue charging ride-hailing customers an extra $0.55 per ride.

“We are extending the gas surcharge until June 15th for Eats couriers, but do not plan to continue it past that date,” an Uber spokesperson told Insider. “This change will not affect drivers on Uber rides who will continue to get the gas surcharge as we evaluate alternative options. Uber’s platform makes it easier for drivers who have been delivering food to make the switch and start picking up and dropping off riders.”

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Uber isn’t the first company to discontinue the fuel-subsidy program. Last month, DoorDash told drivers it would no longer pay weekly gas bonuses for delivery workers who drove more than 100 miles in a week.

The average cost of gas in the US is $4.60 a gallon, according to AAA. That’s up 12% from the price a month ago, which was already a record.

Uber and DoorDash still have some fuel-price benefit programs for drivers. Both companies have partnered with Upside, an app that offers cashback to offset the cost of gas. 

But delivery drivers complained that “both DoorDash and Uber buried the news of their expiring gas programs. The news that DoorDash was ending its weekly fuel bonuses came alongside an announcement that it was extending its debit-card program. Uber Eats drivers received an email with the subject line, Extending the fuel assistance surcharge.”