United Airlines’ COVID Vaccine Mandate Faces Roadblock


The temporary restraining order blocked United Airlines from taking this punitive action until this lawsuit has worked its way through the courts. Former U.N. ambassador Ken Blackwell described it as “unconscionable” for United Airlines to force this vaccine on their workers, even in spite of religious objections.

United workers behind this lawsuit are hoping to get reprieve for exemptions that won’t sentence them to benefits losses and unpaid leave. Time will tell how this class action suit ultimately shakes out; however, until it’s all said and done, United Airlines may not penalize their unvaccinated workers who have the aforementioned exemptions.

Blackwell has also drawn some attention to the role natural immunity plays in this. He maintains other countries have acknowledged individuals with natural immunity against COVID do not require a vaccine; Blackwell furthermore has the view that America must arrive at this conclusion also.

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Mandate wars in the United States

From the looks of things, COVID vaccine mandate wars are not ending anytime soon. One side wants everybody forced to take a vaccine and discarded from society if they decline the jab. The other group wants the right to make their own medical choices.