United Airlines’ COVID Vaccine Mandate Faces Roadblock


A mounting number of Americans are rising up against these forced COVID vaccine mandates. More and more people are realizing enough is enough. This is why lawsuits are being filed over requirements for Americans to have the COVID vaccine in order to work.

Pro-mandate people are all in for these vaccine requirements. They have zero respect for individuals’ rights to make their own healthcare decisions. Pro-mandate folks are also very clear that they lack all respect for freedom in this country.

Many businesses across the United States are adopting these mandates; yet, workers are fighting back. Some are allowing themselves to be fired, rather than get the jab. Others are suing the businesses they work for in order to get these mandates struck down.

In the case of United Airlines, their COVID vaccine mandate is presently facing a temporary restraining order.

The temporary restraining order against United’s vaccine mandate

Right now, a class action lawsuit against United Airlines is in place. The airline has determined that even if workers get medical or religious exemptions, they’ll still be sentenced to unpaid leave and loss of benefits.