United Nations Sounds the Alarm About Reported Human Trafficking Cases


Secondly, the chaos associated with COVID granted human traffickers the ability to go by undetected at a higher rate, taking their crimes “underground.” In 2020, an 11% decline in reported global human trafficking cases occurred, compared to 2019.

Troubling signs for the future

More information from the United Nations doesn’t get any better. The group believes that because of what happened during COVID, discovering human trafficking cases may become increasingly more challenging.

It is likewise the view of the United Nations that a decline in detected trafficking cases speaks to a greater number of human traffickers getting away with their crimes.

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In order to change this, the United Nations stresses the importance of a shift in how human trafficking is widely thought about.

A call to action

Each person can play a role in the fight against human trafficking. Whether that happens by spreading the word to raise awareness or supporting anti-human trafficking organizations, every little bit counts.