Former FBI CounterIntelligence Agent Charged with Violating U.S. Sanctions & money Laundering

flag of FBI and USA painted on cracked wall

On Monday, the United States Attorney’s Office released a statement regarding a former FBI agent and a Russian diplomat. Charles McGonigal is charged with violating the United States sanctions over the war in Ukraine. The former agent allegedly assisted Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire and laundered money through their agreement. The two violated sanction in 2021 when they agreed to exchange services.

McGonigal’s representative has said: “Charlie’s had a long, distinguished career with the FBI. He served the United States for decades. We’ll review the evidence. We’ll closely scrutinize it. We have a lot of confidence in Mr. McGonigal,”

The pair attempted to hide Deripaska’s role by using a shell company. Shestakov and McGonigal are pleading not guilty before their hearing with United States Magistrate Judge Sarah L. Cave in Manhattan. The two were arrested on Saturday, January 21, and are now released on bail. Deripaska’s bail is set at $200,000 and McGonigal’s is set at $500,000.

The case is still pending, and there is a hearing scheduled on Wednesday, January 25, 20343 with United States District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.