United Nations Sounds the Alarm About Reported Human Trafficking Cases


Human trafficking is a global epidemic getting worse, not better, with time. While there is more awareness about human trafficking than has previously existed, it still remains a problem in desperate need of fixing.

Individuals who perpetuate human trafficking rely upon force, fraud, and coercion to keep their victims in bondage. Trafficked persons are also treated as property and commodities to be sold and exploited.

Unfortunately, the United Nations has some bad news about one of the worst abuses of human rights today.

The United Nations on human trafficking

According to the United Nations, the COVID pandemic is believed to have advanced already-existing, serious cases of human trafficking. This analysis is based on a reported drop in reports of trafficking when COVID was at its worst globally.

It is the view of the United Nations that reports dropped for multiple reasons. Firstly, resources that would have ordinarily gone to helping victims of human trafficking were redirected to public health matters.