U.S. gov’t left seized Bitcoin wallet still containing millions of dollars: Coinfirm

  • 693701 Bitcoin Diamond (“BCD”), which is presently worth approximately 310,000 USD
  • 69370 Super Bitcoin (“SBTC”), which is presently worth approximately 66,000 USD
  • 69370.11453606 Bitcoin Private (“BTCP”), which is presently worth approximately 11,000 USD

“Whoever has access to the private keys of the main wallet, would still have access to these funds,” Coinfirm said.

The investigation was conducted by Confirm’s latest service Reclaim Fork, which was launched last month.

“Coinfirm’s cryptographic tracing efforts have identified dozens of cases in which law enforcement authorities may have unknowingly left substantial funds accessible to suspects instead of properly accounting for and seizing those assets,” according to the analytics firm.

Additionally, Coinfirm said it is serving as a “strong advocate for cryptocurrency investors harmed by the illegal actions of cryptocurrency thieves, money launderers, and market manipulators.”

Pawel Kuskowski, CEO and co-founder of Coinfirm believes that “customer protection and market integrity is critical for the long-term value of the crypto market.”