Utah policeman saw “red flags,” Petito family’s wrongful death lawsuit amended


During an outside investigation, conducted by Brandon Ratcliffe, a captain at the Price Police Department Pratt admitted to seeing “more red flags than a Chinese communist rally.”

Pratt’s interview transcripts reveal that he believed Laundrie was a mental and emotional threat to Gabby and had been messing with her mentality. He thought Laundrie was a “weird, not healthy dude,” and saw him as an emotional bully. 

Despite the warning signs, Pratt did not arrest Laundrie or take any further steps. He claimed that there is no law against being a “sh*tty boyfriend and gaslighting and taking advantage of people mentally and emotionally for your own reasons.”

Gabby’s parents filed the lawsuit against the Moab City Police Department, alleging that if the police had acted appropriately, their daughter might still be alive today. And it was amended on March 1.

 They are also in litigation with Laundrie’s parents in Florida. And accuse them of withholding information about their daughter’s murder.

A spokesperson for the City of Moab declined to comment on matters involving ongoing litigation.