Vice President Harris Warns Democrats of “Slim” Congressional Majorities


Much divides Republicans and Democrats these days; however, the only unifying theme is that both parties are preparing for next year’s midterm elections.

Republicans are already targeting the necessary districts, fundraising, and reaching out to voters. Furthermore, conservatives are prepared to use the failures of the Biden presidency as an opportunity to present alternative leadership to voters.

As it stands, Republicans have a very fair chance of getting back the House of Representatives next year and even the Senate. Democrats know this, also, and it has them concerned.

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This week, Vice President Kamala Harris warned Democrats about the slimness of their majorities in Congress.

The vice president’s message to Democrats

On Friday, Harris spoke to leading Democrats during an online leftist fundraising event. The vice president’s commentary was very telling; she admitted that Democrats have “incredibly slim” majorities in the Senate and the House.

This preceded Harris telling Democrats that they’ll need significant voter turnout next year in order to prevent Republicans from winning back the Senate and the House. The vice president then stated that Democrats need to counter so-called “anti-voter” policies from Republicans.

Harris’ claims that GOP-led election security legislation is “anti-voter” is a common Democrat talking point. It’s also a claim that is not supported by the facts or the content of Republican bills on U.S. elections.

The White House’s role in 2022 midterms

Whether Democrats realize it or not, the White House is playing a significant role in next year’s upcoming midterm elections. The 2022 midterms will ultimately be a test as to whether voters approve or disapprove of the job done in the White House thus far.

So far, several crises have come from the current White House leadership. Inflation and the U.S.-Mexico border are just a few examples of messes to get out of hand with Biden, Harris, and congressional Democrats running the show. The rise of crime nationwide also isn’t doing Democrats any favors either.

Recent surveys have shown that almost 90% of Americans worry about inflation; meanwhile, significant portions of voters also have worries about the border crisis and the surge of crime.

Defunding the police backfired big time on the left; this later caused the White House to try and flip the script by pinning the defund police movement onto Republicans.