Video surfaces of the Russian forces trying to recover a damaged T-90M Tank in Ukraine


Buckby also described the video as evidence that the Russian soldiers were attempting to move the damaged tank to a safe place to be refitted.

Medvedev Says T-90M tank Outperforms Western Tanks

The T-90M tank is reportedly the most advanced available to the Russians.  Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev has claimed it outperforms the Leopard and Abrams tanks manufactured by Germany and the United States. 

Medvedev has also promised that 1,500 of the tanks will be manufactured this year, although it remains unclear how Russia will increase its manufacturing capacity without the aid of foreign allies.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has seen the destruction, damage, or capture of large numbers of Russia’s armored vehicles. And makeshift tanks are being built to replace those lost. 

The T-90M is seen as a vital part of Russia’s military hardware. And the attempts to recover and repair damaged tanks are indicative of the importance placed on the vehicles.

The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing. In 2014, Russia annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea. And last year Russian forces did a full-scale invasion of Ukraine which resulted in the current war.