Video surfaces of the Russian forces trying to recover a damaged T-90M Tank in Ukraine


Video footage has emerged showing Russian forces attempting to recover a heavily damaged T-90M tank in Ukraine.

 The video, shared on social media, shows a Russian armored recovery vehicle. The BREM-1 is maneuvering to tow the damaged tank away from the battlefield. 

According to analysts, the tank, which appears to have sustained significant damage, had lost part of its tracks. The video also shows a BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle on fire in the distance.

The original Telegram post that contained the video footage confirmed that the burning vehicle was a BMP-3 and that the video was recorded somewhere in Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine. 

Reports suggest that Russia is dragging damaged and partially destroyed tanks off the battlefield to create “Frankenstein tanks.” And using the salvaged parts to try to redeploy the vehicles. 

Tanks, particularly the more modern T-90M, are said to be valuable to the Russian military, and every tank is being seen as crucial in the ongoing conflict.

Counter-extremism researcher and journalist Jack Buckby noted that as few as 20 new tanks are being manufactured at just two functioning domestic tank manufacturing facilities in Russia.